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Degradatus represents the irreversibility and constant presence of decay and degradation. Once something has occurred in that moment, it will never be the same again. Degradatus talks about the negative space of what is left behind created by the degradation of the Twelve Apostles coastline. It also discusses the constant human “need” for intervention in degradation - to control the future.

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This collection has been manifested around a singular moment in time of the Twelve Apostles coastline, a moment that cannot occur again. To further discuss the future of the coastline, I have altered it’s literal interpretation in some aspects of my designs, to show that history is not always purely about the past. Degradation occurs because of time, but humans continually try to prevent it. When humans disturb degradation, they are attempting to obstruct the laws of nature. Degradatus represents the juxtaposition of nature and human will.

Driving down the winding road, I watched everything erode.

What did this look like yesterday? Or 50 years ago, I will never know.

Stepping down to the edge, I gave nature my pledge.

To never interfere or disappear. 

Waves crashing up onto rocks, am I being unorthodox?

What is the man-made? Home-made hand grenade.

Pervading, blockading, cascading, degrading.

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