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A fusion of 1970's patchwork and 2000's miniskirts. Incorporating draping inspired by Grecian dress to create an amalgamation of old and new. Using the notion of patchwork as a design idea, but also exploring the use of continued patchworking to increase longevity of a singular garment. The mixing of old a new relating back to a garment that has lasted through the Ages.

edited skirt meat grinder.jpg

Being restricted with a 2m fabric allowance of purely denim encouraged thoughts about sustainability in design and how we use our fabric. It takes 1,500 gallons of water to grow the 1.5 pounds of cotton to create a single pair of jeans, as well as all the harmful dyes.

View an article on sustainability in the denim industry HERE.

View sketchbook + development 

Denim HERE.png
DENIM Skirt drawing for sketchbook.png
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