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Courageous in an oppressed world run by suits, absolute,
Wearing a dress being treated as excess, less.
Owned by the earth, birthed,
Taken over by suits, anything but acute.

Fighting for equality in a world run by inequity, familiarity,
Treated as barbaric for wanting rights, insight.
Continuing to fight against the suppression, possession,
We will prevail, leaving nothing veiled.

The Earth, the Suit, and the Dress.

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Ecofeminism ideology draws on the link between the suppression of women and nature through patriarchal systems and structures. Inspired by retrospective events as well as futuristic aspirations, I challenge these patriarchal suppressions by cutting up men’s suits which I metamorphose into dresses. 

For Valour is created through labour intensive practices such as patchwork, typically performed by women throughout history, to shed light on the traditionally segregated roles of men and women. I was Inspired by the Women’s Social and Political Union (1903-1918) colours and their connotation: purple represents loyalty and dignity, while green represents hope, values I try to uphold. For Valour talks about the need for accessibility in the fashion industry. Using Velcro, large buckles, and press stud closures, I embraced the move towards accessibility within fashion.

I give you this quote by Mallory (p. 28, 2018) ‘humans are reluctant to give up our position of species-privilege, since doing so will require a radical rethinking of ways of thinking and acting; and shake to the core our understanding of who we are, what kind of beings we are, our identity as that which is “more intelligent” “self-aware” “rational” or whatever and thus more morally considerable than the so-called “non-human”’.


Best, Poppy Somers.

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