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Figure 1: Experimenting with the sounds of bubbles in aerated bioplastics to communicate the texture. This sound reminds me of crinkly plastic, which is an interesting juxtaposition of a renewable vs non renewable materials having similar properties. 

Figure 2: Testing how to change the properties of a material without altering the physical material by shining LED coloured lights through my bioplastic bubble. I programmed these LED lights to ensure the colours harmonised with the bioplastic. I really enjoy how the bioplastic absorbs the colours of each LED.

Figure 7: Attempting a digital watercolour drawing of a bioplastic bubble. I find that this drawing communicates the ethereal nature of the bubble through the random lines and translucent edges.

Figure 6: Playing with the idea of an installation being an experiential  performance through a hanging bioplastic sculpture and a handheld torch to create patterns and shadows.  

Figure 3: Investigating staging images to create the illusion of body by placing a jacket sitting upright in bed reading a book. I intentionally chose a feminist book, as this collection was based around the theory of Ecofeminism. I love the connotations created when the body is removed from the picture as it allows a deeper understanding of the ideas communicated in the image.

Figure 4: Wanting to communicate the texture and movement of the dripped bioplastic bubbles, I painted a base colour then flicked pigment at the page. While drying, I encouraged it to drip down creating streaks.

Figure 5: When playing around with scanning my bioplastic swatches, I used my fingers to manipulate the stretchy mesh. This gave a 3D effect with a lot of depth which I really enjoy as it quite immersive. I would like to explore this technique further as it questions reality through distortion, which may assist a reflexive experience. 

Figure 9: Created a collage from bioluminescent creatures that live in the deep sea. I situated these collages within a black background as I would plan on displaying them in a dark room where they could be fully illuminated as a runway, exhibition or installation.

Figure 8: Playing with the idea of a quick sketch to communicate the silhouette and structure of a garment idea. This would be constructed out of many bioplastic bubbles with LED lights inside them to illuminate, like in Figure 2.

Critical in the vast biodiversity of life

Taken for granted by the everyday

Not seen, not heard? Not there.

Mined, boiled, burned. Refined?

Figure 10: Reflecting on the human-environment interaction between deep sea animals used to create fossil fuel. Questioning our societal practices and reflecting on how we treat our planet with disregard to further our own "evolution".

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